Happy New Year from Anguilla!

Wow, a lot has happened in the last quarter. This is my first Kajabi over Cocktails edition since the Caribbean move and cocktails on this side of the world look a whole lot different. 

I hope at your end it’s been a relaxing holiday period (& still is), at this end, I think I’ve never worked harder (or maybe I’m just trying to fit the same amount of work into less hours so that I have sufficient time daily for beaches and rum punch 😂)

Below is a snapshot of what the last few months have looked like in my little corner of the Kajabiverse. Always feel free to hit reply and let me know what you’re busy with at your end. I read and reply to all my emails personally.

Off with a bang! 💥

The Funnel Club Membership is now in full swing!

With a laser focus on all things marketing strategy to ensure Kajabi creators are not just building their courses but actually SELLING their courses! 

30 New Founding Members have jumped in to learn the ins and outs of funnel strategies - a different one each month – December was Paid Mini-Workshops and January is Free Multi-Day Live Training Events. Join for a month or join for a year. You’ll find all the details here.

The Kajabiverse Podcast 🎙️

December saw the launch of my brand-new podcast 

where I have the pleasure of interviewing 6 & 7 figure Kajabi creators on the behind the scenes of their favourite funnel strategy, 

With plenty of actionable steps you can implement in your own business. Month 1 we spoke with Justin & Sarah of Wake Up To Freedom and this month’s episode has just released with the gorgeous Sara Anna Powers. Go have a listen and let me know what you think!

Listen In Here

Building Challenge Funnels - Live Training with Kajabi

First exciting item on the agenda for 2023 is a joint webinar with Kajabi teaching my approach to Free Challenge Funnels as a way of launching your course or membership. This will be a power-packed session on Friday, January 20th at 12PM EST with loads of free funnel resources. You can register for the event here.

Register Here

Guest Appearance on the Kajabi Edge Podcast Ep. 72 Working with Other Creators

I managed to score myself an invite onto the Kajabi Edge Podcast with the VP of Customer Experience, Jared Loman. This was a super fun tell-all episode about my own journey that I hope you’ll enjoy! You can have a listen to it over here

Listen Here

Collaboration Station Launching Late January

Later in January is the formal release of a passion project of mine, Collaboration Station. This project is a directory for content creators who are looking to (surprise, surprise) collaborate! 💞

A central place to find people you can work with on joint webinars, or freebie bundles, or podcast interviews, or whatever else you care to dream up!

The directory is currently in Beta, and will launch with 100 free Pro-Level lifetime memberships. If you’d like to be in the know for early (& free) access, you can register interest here.


"New Look" Heart-Centered Apprentice Directory

And if you’re looking for support with your Kajabi website, be sure to check out the “new look” Heart-Centered Apprentice Directory HERE that we have just integrated with Community Box for added filter capabilities. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to specialists who truly know their stuff and bring incredible superpowers to your projects.


If you’re interested in joining the HCA program, applications will open again in February. If you click here, we’ll make a note to let you know when it happens.

Missed a volume of "Kajabi over Cocktails"?

I have lots of fun writing these and hopefully you have lots of fun reading them 😉 If you missed one of the last "volumes" you'll be pleased to know I've added them to the blog:


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Until the next time!

Meg xx


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