French indulgence

How's everyone's summer going? I'm just back from a week in Normandy, France with my mum where I am quite sure I ate my bodyweight in soft cheese and hors d'oeuvres...back to the drawing board on the diet I guess 😂

Not sure about you guys but I initially feel stressed to take time out from my business and yet somehow any time I unplug for a few days some of my best ideas and opportunities magically pop up! I'll have some exciting news to share with you in the coming weeks. 

And on that note, let's get onto the fun stuff...

How to combine an early bird and a regular sales page that automatically update when your early bird (or flash sale) ends? 

Until recently, I've always created my early bird sales page and regular sales page as two separate pages and used the countdown clock to redirect website visitors from the early bird page to the regular page when the countdown timer ends. With Kajabi this is super simple to do, but I had a thought this week,

"Why not use the countdown clock combined with the time reveal feature to make your early bird and regular sales page, one and the same?"

Let's have a look at how this would work...

First up, you need an "event" for when your sale ends:

Then you need a sales page that has 2 pricing sections on it. An early bird / flash sale pricing section and a regular pricing section.

In the first "sale" pricing section have a countdown timer, connected to your event that is counting down to the sale ending (see above).

In the "countdown" block set the block to "Remove Section on Complete" (see below) which will remove the entire pricing section when the timer runs out.

In the second "regular" pricing section have the section set to "Time Reveal" to coincide with your sale ending "event" and add a 1 second "offset".

The regular pricing section (no countdown timer needed) will magically appear when the early bird countdown timer hits zero and the special pricing section is removed.

Time to preview your page.

If you've set it up correctly (which of course you have 😉) then only 1 pricing section will be showing on your page.

Give it a go and let me know how you went!


Had a dose of imposter syndrome recently? We've all been there...regularly!

My dad use to tell me when I was growing up that life was like a rollercoaster. "Sometimes you need to be at the bottom to appreciate being at the top." The life of an entrepreneur is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride and you're not alone if one day you're kicking goals and the next day you're questioning if you're even in the right place. On the trying days I just do my best to not overthink things, get a good night's rest and come back with a fresh approach in the morning.

My take on imposter syndrome can be found here


Have you met Kathleen?

Let me shine a big bright spotlight on Kathleen Noble, a graduate from our Heart-Centered Apprentice program who is a fellow StoryBrand Certified Guide and loves to work with her clients on combining strategy and design that follow the StoryBrand framework.

With 20 years in marketing, Kathleen is standing by to help you make an impact with your program ✨. 

Ready to get back to the fun stuff?

If you would like to read more on Kathleen and her superpowers, please click here. 

Why "Kajabi over Cocktails"?

Not sure about you but I'm a realist and from where I'm standing this line of work often comes with a whole lot of learning curve stress, disappointment, setbacks, anxiety, overwhelm... you get the idea. 

When I began as Kajabi Coach I took it upon myself to lessen all those negative emotions for people, and to bring laughter, simplification, step-by-step guidance and support.

A lot of that support is provided on my live group coaching calls where more often than not I turn up to class with a GIANT Gin & Tonic.

In a laptop lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, is there any good reason not to?? 😂

Until the next time!

Meg xx


This edition's "drink in focus"? A Raspberry Sorbet Gin & Tonic 😋

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