The countdown is on to an endless summer!

For those of you who are new to my world (and can't pick up my accent through the email 😂), I'm Australian and have been living in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband and 3 young children for the last 2 years. Winter weather just makes us so miserable (the Netherlands has a lot of it!), so as much as it's lovely to have family around, the time has come for our next chapter.

When you start counting down to a big move it's usually a few months away, maybe even a year, but then all of a sudden it creeps up on you and you realise how unprepared you are...especially when you're moving to a fairly remote Caribbean island where online shopping will take you 3 weeks to get there!

So if you wonder what I'm up to over here, it's all about suitcase research, school enrollments, craft purchases, Christmas present shopping, visiting the dentist, oh and squeezing in 2 weeks in Australia, launching a podcast and preparing my new Funnel Funnelmentals video series, before we move to Anguilla next month 🤯

Enough about me, let's talk Kajabi

with a teeny weeny little tutorial this week on how to make your header bar full width.

What do I even mean by "full width"?

I mean taking it from this below, where the Kajabi default is to leave a whole lot of white space on the outside of your logo and any menu links/buttons:

To this, where all the available space is used and you're left with more white space in the middle of your header bar, which I personally prefer:

To achieve this look, you'll need to add this little bit of css code to your page settings, inside the Custom CSS area

/* Header code to make full width */

.header__container {

max-width: 100%;


Just like this...

You can't break anything.

If you'd like to achieve the full-width header on your site, just give it a go! You can't break anything 😉

Wondering how on earth to keep your kids busy other than the trusty old iPad?

Nope, it's not a Kajabi course for kids (I experimented on my 8-year-old but he really couldn't grasp that I was training him up to be my new VA and he thought all the tasks I wanted to pay him for were "boring" 🙈)

So instead, I enrolled him in Miss Pam's 4-week Animal Collage art class, which is such a great change from the tech he usually spends his time with 😀

Miss Pam is a student of mine from the CCI program who has spent the last 12 months learning her way around Kajabi, building funnels and growing her kids' art membership. She's the best Kids' Art teacher you'll ever meet, whether that's in-person or online, and on October 15 she kicks off a new 4-week series of classes on Animal Collage.

Coupon code MEGB will give you $20 off at checkout (which brings it down to the crazy low price of $27!) but only for the first 10!

If you'd like to join us in Miss Pam's 4-Week Art Series, you can learn more about it here


Blending Mum-Life & Business


It's amazing how many skills are transferrable from parenthood to business and back again and how our outlook changes.

Come behind the scenes with me here


The Specialist Trifector

If you've been searching high and low for someone who can "do it all", let me shine a big bright spotlight on Nusrat Jahan, a graduate from our Heart-Centered Apprentice program who brings an incredibly powerful skillset. She combines tech prowess, with strategy, with design and is also an absolute DELIGHT to work with 😍 She's graduated from a number of programs and certifications, is highly skilled across multiple platforms, and brings all that expertise to your next project.

If you would like to read more on Nusrat and her superpowers, please click here. 

Why "Kajabi over Cocktails"?

Not sure about you but I'm a realist and from where I'm standing this line of work often comes with a whole lot of learning curve stress, disappointment, setbacks, anxiety, overwhelm... you get the idea. 

When I began as Kajabi Coach I took it upon myself to lessen all those negative emotions for people, and to bring laughter, simplification, step-by-step guidance and support.

A lot of that support is provided on my live group coaching calls where more often than not I turn up to class with a GIANT Gin & Tonic.

In a laptop lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, is there any good reason not to?? 😂

Until the next time!

Meg xx

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