To those of you who have been at this a while, what is your favourite (best performing) funnel? 

"Errrrr......what's a funnel Meg?"

If that was your immediate thought, this question is not for you, but if you're all set up and generating revenue through your Kajabi business, I would love for you to take a second and reply with what you have found to be the best performing funnel in your business? Is it an evergreen webinar? A live webinar? A quiz? How do you bring people into your world and then move them along the buyer journey?

And for those of you not yet using a funnel effectively in your business, keep an eye out for something very exciting. Just around the corner is a brand new membership for Kajabi users, where every month we have a different funnel in focus that I'll build out with you step-by-step in a live masterclass. We're going to review all the most loved funnels out there and you can pick and choose which ones will work best for your program, your lifestyle, and your audience. If you're interested in becoming a part of the Beta cohort just hit reply and let me know! 😍

How to stop the "freebie seekers" going through your free trial more than once 

Okay, so let's pretend that you're using a "free trial" of your membership, no credit card needed, to demonstrate all the value inside your program and why people should become paid members. It's an excellent strategy but how do you stop people from taking you up on your free trial over and over again? 🤔

The answer is a Tag + an Automation.


Easy Steps to follow...

For this example, where no payment details are required, you would create an offer in Kajabi, set to free, and you would specify in the product settings how many days the product access should be restricted to: 

Then in the offer automations you would set two automations.

First automation: Apply a tag something like "Free Trial Member" (& remember, if you're granting access to the offer via a form then the automation needs to be "When offer is granted" not "When offer is purchased"

Then automation 2, and for this you will need "advanced automations" active on your account. You would set an automation that says "When offer granted" THEN "Revoke offer" IF the person already has that tag we gave them in automation 1.

The two automations on the offer will look like this (the second automation we created will have the conditional formatting which is only available with advanced automations):

The two automations on the offer will look like this (the second automation we created will have the conditional formatting which is only available with advanced automations):

Been enjoying my "new feel" Instagram lately?

I have a secret weapon.

About 3 months ago, I began working with the amazing Instagram Strategist Candice Davies, who has taken my Instagram from 👎 to 🔥 in no time at all, and not only have my followers and engagement increased but I am actually ENJOYING making the content because it aligns with my personality and my business.

Gone are the days of just creating IG posts for the hell of it, now I've actually got a content strategy that enables me to create content my audience actually likes and finds useful! #winning 😍

If the idea of content creation for Instagram has you pulling your hair out, if like me you're thinking "Where do I even start with "reels"?" do yourselves a favour and have a peek at Candice's new program, Insta for Biz, Beta launching in October.

4 places only remaining and will absolutely change the way you view social media strategy and content creation.

Click here to read all about it


Let's talk collaborations

Honestly guys, this one is hilarious 😂 If you're wondering how you can reach more people and new audiences it can be as simple as a collaborative post on social. you crack me up 😂💕 

Have a laugh here


How did the Heart-Centered Apprentice even come to be?

Curious to know how we brought the idea of our HCA program to life? Listen in to a very funny (IMO) podcast episode with Melissa Froehlich where we chat all things start-up, joint ventures and why living on a Caribbean island might not be all it's cracked up to be 😂 


Gamification on the agenda?

Let me shine a big bright spotlight on Claire Addiscott, a graduate from our Heart-Centered Apprentice program who is exactly the person you need if you're interested in gamifying your course content and increasing your student completion rates. Claire jumps out of bed for all things badges, leaderboards, online games, incentives and all the other ingredients that go into taking your course and membership engagement levels up a notch. 

If you would like to read more on Claire and her superpowers, please click here. 

Why "Kajabi over Cocktails"?

Not sure about you but I'm a realist and from where I'm standing this line of work often comes with a whole lot of learning curve stress, disappointment, setbacks, anxiety, overwhelm... you get the idea. 

When I began as Kajabi Coach I took it upon myself to lessen all those negative emotions for people, and to bring laughter, simplification, step-by-step guidance and support.

A lot of that support is provided on my live group coaching calls where more often than not I turn up to class with a GIANT Gin & Tonic.

In a laptop lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, is there any good reason not to?? 😂

Until the next time!

Meg xx

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