Australia on Saturday...after 2 years in the cold!

Can you feel the excitement? Time to do my last-minute laundry, buy some new make-up, get my nails's AUSTRALIA TIME! 🎉🎉

This Saturday I leave for 2 weeks in Australia which is my first trip home since 2020! My little brother is getting married in Melbourne, I'm spending a couple of days in Byron Bay with the lovely Penny Clements of Penny In Your Pocket and Sal Frances from The Template Tribe 😍 and then it's off to Perth for a whirlwind catch-up and then back home. 

Time to put business automation to the test!

Once home, it's a week of re-packing and then Anguilla here we come! Our new home from November 29th! ✈️ 

Enough about me, let's talk funnels!

and a Paid Mini-Course Funnel to be exact.

You know the ones, the $27 mini-course offer you see floating around on Facebook

Finding that your freebie or "lead magnet" is attracting the wrong audience? A list full of "freebie seekers" that unsubscribe straight after or never go on to buy your paid offers? 

What if, instead of growing your list quickly with freebie seekers, you grew your list steadily with buyers?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Justin and Sarah from Wake Up To Freedom this week on their Paid Mini-Workshop strategy (you can learn about it here) and it's the very first funnel strategy that we'll be diving into on December 1st when the Kajabiverse Podcast releases, along with my brand new Kajabi-based membership Funnel Club.

One of my first questions to Justin and Sarah was, "What's the difference between a Paid Mini-Workshop and a Paid Webinar?" 

And the response was that you should approach your Paid Mini-Workshop as a Mini "Course". 

It's not just high-level "information", it's actionable steps (3-5) to deliver a true result to the attendee.

They should be able to walk away from your Paid Mini-Workshop with a new skill or the ability to create real change.

And of course, once they've had a taste of your amazing training and experienced the transformation, it's on to your next paid offer.

This could be a membership, a bigger course, a coaching session, or a Done-For-You service. This strategy is an excellent entry point into just about ANYTHING!

Would you like me to keep you posted on the episode release and the funnel training that goes with it?

Jump on the waitlist here and I'll drop you an email.


Double Opt-In or Single Opt-In


This reel got so many views! I think it's the fact I was without make-up and looking exhausted. Yep, I'm a real mum 😂

For my take on Single or Double Opt-In, click here


Ep. 71 The Best Strategy for Launching Your Course or Membership

So much fun chatting with Lani Jackson on the Brilliant Mompreneurs Podcast about my favourite launch strategy. Also some great discussion around my favourite thing, Collaborations! You can have a listen to it over here


Your Summit Specialist

Is there anyone who knows more about building out your Virtual Summit on Kajabi than Malva Gasowski? I don't think so! And a summit is an incredible strategy to implement if you're looking to grow a small or non-existent audience overnight (well almost overnight 😉). They're a lot of work to put together (hence Malva) but once you're up and running with all your summit hosts, just imagine how many new audiences you can tap into?!

Malva is a graduate from our Heart-Centered Apprentice program. You can read more about her here

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Until the next time!

Meg xx

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