How to Add an IG feed to a Kajabi Page

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My favourite tool... 

Growing your Instagram audience and looking to add your feed to your Kajabi website? There are PLENTY of tools out there, some free, some paid, but of the free tools I've so far only found tools with limited customisation ability or tools that insist on displaying their branding on your website....errrr, no thanks. Of the paid tools they typically start around $20 per month and who really wants to pay another subscription just to show their IG feed? one šŸ™„

For me, my tried and tested tool for this, is LightWidget. It'll cost you $10 once (as in forever) and after that you can customise it 'til the cows come home šŸ’•. 

Easy steps to follow...

First up, you'll need a LightWidget account connected to your Instagram account, and then it's as simple as "Create new widget":

Your feed will magically appear and then you customise everything from number of posts displayed, to where people go to if they click on a post, to whether or not your captions many options!

Embed Code

Once you're done customising, create and upgrade your widget ($10) and then copy the embed code

Custom Block

Head on over to your Kajabi landing page and add a "custom code block" to the section where you want your IG feed to display. Paste in your LightWidget embed code. Save.

Let's Preview

Time to preview your page.

If you've set it up correctly (which of course you have šŸ˜‰) then it will display just like it does at the bottom of our new Amy P About Page.

(if a video would help, I've popped one below)

Let me know how it goes.

Until the next time!

Meg xx

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