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Goodness, where to start? Like most of entrepreneurs I have a "story". I started in business about 5 years ago for myself, with a concept that won lots of awards, scored multiple media appearances, but very nearly sent me bankrupt. I missed the memo that a good idea simply wasn't enough.

The stress of that first business nearly killed me. Relationship strain, health issues, lost pregnancies, there was seemingly no light at the end of this entrepreneurial tunnel.

Thankfully, a friend of mine introduced my to James Wedmore and the Business By Design program and I turned my attention to online course creation, leveraging super powers and helping entrepreneurs around the world launch their online programs without the slightest tech capabilities under their belts.

I became somewhat obsessed with Kajabi, crazy to be obsessed with a software platform, but it enabled me to very quickly grow a new 6 figure business that meant my corporate life was a thing of the past, my husband had renewed faith in my capabilities, and I was able to run my business from the comfort of home, while we welcomed our second child, Ilsa...and would you believe I've just had my third....between you, me and the internet it wasn't exactly the plan!

I have built an online business, a team and a lifestyle around my family and YOU CAN TOO! No "time poor" excuses accepted!!


Think you might have seen me before?

Maybe here?

If my face looks familiar the chances are you might have spotted me on the Kajabi homepage? Trust me, I was surprised as you! If you're looking for a company that supports your success, is behind you 100% and surrounds you with an incredible community.

"Nothing comes close to Kajabi"

I see a lot of people come and go in this industry. People who think they'll be the next overnight success and give up when they aren't. It's heartbreaking.

Between Kajabi and our support services we can set you up with an incredible online course platform, but take it from me, this line of work is no walk in the park.

The people I love to work with are the ones who view this as a career choice and recognise they are starting out as an apprentice. The people who are so full of ideas, drive and ambition that nothing, not even a challenging apprenticeship, can get in their way!

Photo in the blue? That's me posing for a photoshoot in the Kajabi office in Irvine California, when I was over there in October for James Wedmore's 2 day Business By Design Live. 

While everyone else was spending their free day at Disneyland I was rubbing shoulders with my heroes, The Kajabi Team, and it was a HOOT!

On the topic of heroes, let's talk a little more about James Wedmore. I know many of you reading this might be B-School or DCA alumni, and honestly I don't think it matters which incredible coach you learn from, but I recommend learning from someone if this is your first foray into the online world.

James Wedmore changed the trajectory of my life

And when I finally got the chance to tell him that in person I started crying! I became one of those hysterical celebrity groupies that I pride myself on never being! But honestly, my family, my health, my happiness all stemmed from joining James' Business by Design. 

If you've never heard of it, look it up.

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Fun Facts About Me

In my previous life I worked extensively in travel - Travel Agent, European Ski Rep, and calling Bingo across the Atlantic with Royal Caribbean Cruises.

I met my crazy, unromantic, Dutch husband through online dating. Thinking I should have realised at that point that the online industry was in my blood!

My favourite place on Earth is The Maldives. I dream about running a Kajabi Retreat there, combining my two favourite things!

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