Kajabi Coach to
Tech Challenged Women

I'm here to hold your hand, hold you accountable AND hold you to that course launch you've had on the back-burner for months!!


Kajabi Coach to
Female Thought Leaders

I'm here to hold your hand, hold you accountable AND hold you to that course launch you've had on the back-burner for months!!

If you've listened to my intro video and thought "YESSS! Meg is the girl for me!" then I invite you to book in for a free brainstorm session! 

Half an hour on the phone with me and you'll have found clarity, direction and clear next steps for your online business.

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Meg Burrage

Where's you favourite place on Earth? Your happy place? Mine's The Maldives. And finally I have crafted a business that I can do from anywhere (even there!), but it wasn't always like that.
For a long time I struggled with my own bricks & mortar start-up business, BubDesk, thinking that because it was a “good idea” it was destined for success.
What I failed to realise in those early days was that a good idea accounted for about 10%, while the other 90% of tasks were things I either didn't know how to do or shouldn't have been spending my time on.
$100,000 in debt, stressed to breaking point, two pregnancies lost, a toddler I hardly saw and a husband who couldn’t even recognise me, I went in search of something more for my life and my eyes were opened to the world of online course creation. 
Recognised in recent times as Entrepreneur of the Year and Businesswoman of the Year, I started to wonder who in my networks I could help to overcome similar challenges in their businesses and realised those business owners were everywhere! The Event Planner who sometimes went a whole day without seeing her child, the Graphic Designer who hadn't been able to find time for the gym in a year, the Accountant who spent 20% of her time servicing customers and the other 80% of her time on tasks she didn't need to be doing. All burning themselves out, while trying to scale their business.
What they all had in common was an aspiration to launch their online course, but a lack of time or tech knowledge to make it happen!
If this sounds familiar, and an online course is somewhere on the agenda for the coming year, I invite you to schedule a free call. You'll be surprised what ideas we'll come up with in an hour!

This is Baby Ilsa. She's 2 weeks old here and 12 weeks as I type this. I have built an online business around my family and YOU CAN TOO! No "time poor" excuses accepted!!

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Maybe you saw me here? My passion is all about helping women to succeed in business and I'm a "make stuff happen" kinda gal!

Words from the "Cheer Squad"


Meg is literally the BEST person to work with. When I started working with her I took on more than I could handle and she patiently allowed me the time to get myself organized to keep working with her. She is wicked smart, kind and ridiculously (in the BEST way) positive. She has helped me find the courage to go after my course and has even held my hand by sending me bite sized pieces when I get overwhelmed! I cannot say enough about her professionalism and work ethic. She is literally the BOMB!

Daphne Moens


Daphne Moens


The magic of Meg is, though I have decided to go another way, Meg is so engaging, articulate and knows how to effectively convey invaluable information, I have recommended her to 3 people so far because I know if they contact Meg they’re in expert hands.

What I like about the way she teaches is there’s no fluff, no sales BS, she is authentic and genuinely gives you invaluable information that helps you – her transparency makes me trust her.

You have everything to gain by talking to Meg, even if that ends up knowing another LMS is more suitable for your needs. I wish she came with it though!

A definite 6 star rating from me!

Lisa Ceruto


Lisa Ceruto


Meg is fantastic in providing you with doable lessons and instructions. She goes above and beyond to help you. 
Her knowledge of Kajabi is pretty amazing - truly! Do not hesitate to hire and work with Meg. I promise you - you wont be disappointed!... And she has great resources and partners - oh and cool accent :)





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