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Kajabi Website Template Packs

Your end-to-end site solution that will have you up and running in a matter of days!


All our packs are designed to give you an end-to-end cohesive website that you can customize with your own branding in just a few days

You'll receive everything from your homepage to your lead magnet, your webinar registration page to your course sales page, matching blog, student library, if you can think of it, it's in there!

And receive so much more than just a template...

30 Days' Access to my Signature Step-by-Step Kajabi Training

An invitation to my client-only private Facebook Community for all-day support and brain-picking

A private strategy session with me

And we'll even upload the pages to your account!


Designer Kathleen

Designer-inspired, our Kathleen design is a vibrant design that follows the StoryBrand framework and provides useful copy prompts throughout. She also incorporates both an in-person Retreat page and Media Kit.


Freedom Lifestyle

This design will make you smile with its fun and adventurous spirit. If you are an adventure seeker and are all about living the "laptop lifestyle" this is the design for you.


Softly Does It

This new pack is simple, yet elegant and is for all of you out there who love lots of white spaces and a polished look for your brand.


Quirk & Squiggle

Perfect for anyone seeking a design that is both fun & playful but oozing professionalism. We love the vibrant colours and energy of this design, but as with all our designs, you can easily edit the colours, fonts and backgrounds to ensure it aligns to your brand.


Amy P

If you love Amy Porterfield, you'll love our Amy P Inspired Pack. Full of bright vibrant colors, stylish animations and the editable Canva designs you'll receive make this a cinch to customize with your own branding.



We're all quite in love with the Australiana theme in this office. The soft blush colors, the earthy images and the floral backgrounds. Having said that, all the floral can be removed in Canva if you're not a fan 😉


Dani L

If you think this design looks familiar it's maybe because my own Kajabi site was recently relaunched using this very design. We'd suggest you look at this one if you're a little more established in your business as the page designs are longer with more sections to fill - great if you have a portfolio of services to offer.



This one is one of our more masculine fact I refer to it as "blokey" (not sure if that's an Australian word 🤔). In this design you'll find cool greens and greys, icons in place of images and a very minimalist feel. Just like all the packs all the colors and images can be changed, so nothing to stop you turning it hot pink if you prefer 😉



What's not to love about this subtle, un-pushy design that, for me, gently evokes ideas of creativity and self-development. The gold accent color, coupled with whimsical script font makes a winning combination for life coaching or similar professions.


The Performer

This high energy, high intensity pack is perfect for the extroverts among you. All the background colors and splashes can be adjusted in Canva to suit your brand and in our minds this pack would work perfectly for the health & fitness or dance industries.


Here's what's included in a Full Pack:

  • 10 beautifully designed pages on Kajabi’s new Encore theme

  • All Canva designs used to create these pages that you can edit in your own Canva account
    *NOTE: A Canva Pro subscription is required to use stock images freely

  • BONUS: Full pack purchases come with a matching website theme, so that your Blog, Library, Log in, etc all match
  • BONUS: Full pack purchases include 7 bonus secondary funnel pages
  • BONUS: 30 Days' Access to my signature Kajabi Training Program with step-by-step video tutorials on how to seamlessly build your new website

  • BONUS: Community Access inside my private clients-only Facebook group
  • BONUS: 30-Minute Coaching Session with Me!
  • BONUS: AND the option to have all new pages imported by our team to your Kajabi account to save you the hassle

Here's how it works...

Step 1:
Choose your template pack

We get it! It's hard! I always say choose on structure rather than design because the design can be changed in next to no time once you add your own images and colours, the right "structure" however will save you loads of time!

Step 2:
Upload & customize to suit your brand

Get started immediately with adding your own copy, images and style. Everything is 100% customizable, no custom code used and we're always on hand to assist in the private Facebook group if you get stuck.

Step 3:
Launch your new website and start selling!

We've seen people complete their websites with our templates in under a week. It won't take you long at all once you get the hang of it and my Kajabi Encore training program covers everything you need from building a 5-Day Challenge, to setting up Early Birds or even your Blog!


Give it to me straight. Just how easy is it to customize a template pack?

Glad you asked! Watch this short 6-part video series and find out


Looking for some help with the customization? Our graduate Heart-Centered Apprentices are standing by ready to assist if you're short on time.