How clients can go through your email sequence twice

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If you've been using Kajabi for a little while now then you probably know it's not possible to be actively subscribed to the same email sequence more than once. This means that you might sign up to your freebie to test it's working and receiving the delivery email, but the next time you sign up to the freebie to test nothing turns up in your inbox and you wonder if maybe the automation stopped working.

Another scenario is that someone might sign up to your freebie, forget they did, sign up again a month later and the email delivering the freebie won't be sent as they already received it some time in the past. 

So what's the fix?

If you'd like people to be able to sign up for the same sequence more than once for whatever reason, it's as simple as setting the below "unsubscribe trigger" in your sequence. What you're telling Kajabi is "When they reach the end of this sequence, unsubscribe them from the sequence" which will change their status to "inactive", opening the door for them to resubscribe to the same sequence if they want to.

Complete the sequence

Once the person completes the sequence they will be marked as "inactive"

Subscribe Again

Making it possible for them to subscribe again if they want to šŸ˜€ 

Until the next time!

Meg xx

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