How to get around the "Subscribe to our email list" checkbox at checkout? šŸ¤”

kajabi emails Jul 19, 2019

If you're an active member in the Official Kajabi Facebook Group then the chances are you might have seen a thread this week where a few people were concerned that purchasers of their products were not checking the "subscribe to our email list" checkbox at checkout and therefore not receiving the email sequence that went with their purchase.

Some great advice was given by the lovely Catherine Dove, but I could sense some confused faces, so I have done this little "How to" video explaining what to do.

You'll find the setting within Settings (funnily enough) and not within the offer itself. 

Just remember to create tags for purchasers, separate to your marketing tags, so that you can exclude people from marketing efforts unless they have opted-in for marketing through one of your other lead magnets.

Hope this is useful. As always, feel free to leave a comment or reply.

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