Is 2020 the year of the evergreen webinar?

by , Jan 06, 2020

Well, it's only January 6 and I have already had 3 clients this week tell me they'd like to build out an evergreen webinar pipeline, and another one say she'll do anything but a "live launch" and can't she just make money while she sleeps?

Perhaps, in part, it's due to the exhaustion a lot of us feel after the Christmas period. We're meant to be feeling rested and refreshed, but Christmas is anything but restful in my household. Not sure about yours?

Or maybe this desire for complete automation is an offshoot of that common New Year's business resolution where you tell yourself that this is the year for less hustle, less work, more leverage.

I'm not going to lie to you, I am a fan of the "live launch". It's the way I was trained, but I'm also an advocate for adding an evergreen element to your business that brings with it steading recurring revenue and a lot of my clients achieve excellent results this way.

Also, think about it. How often do you register for a live webinar that's happening 1 maybe 2 weeks in the future, but by the time it rolls around you're too busy to attend? The show-up rate to live webinars sits at around 30%, but imagine how many will watch your webinar if they find it, get excited, register and it starts in 15 minutes time? Many, many more I promise you.

So how about it? Do you have something in your business that could be sold year-round outside of a live launch? Maybe a mini-course? Maybe an invitation to 1:1 coaching? And does the idea of not having to repeat yourself over and over again on a live webinar get you excited?

I thought so. 😂


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