How to create a Cookies Pop-Up to boost your GDPR compliance

by , Jun 07, 2019

Concerned about GDPR compliance? Want to make sure you're putting all the necessary steps in place so that you avoid that slap on the wrist?

GDPR is a big thing in Europe and all about how you're collecting people's personal information and what you're using it for. This extends to giving them the option to "opt out" if they're not too keen on the idea.

The use of "cookies" on your Kajabi site falls under this umbrella, as we use cookies on the platform to track what people are doing, what they're clicking on, what they're interested in.

It enables us to deliver a better experience, but it also enables us to re-target them in Ads and to generate things like sales reports on affiliates, so that we can pay our affiliates the right commission.

Adding a cookies pop-up is one easy way to boost our GDPR compliance and it's super simple. It's just a matter of visiting Cookie Consent, generating yourself some code and embedding it in your Kajabi settings under Site Details within the Header scripts section.

Watch this video for a short step-by-step tutorial and let me know what you thought of it in the comments below 👇👇👇

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