A "behind-the-scenes" visit to my house this Australian Thanksgiving

behind the scenes Nov 27, 2019

So one of my gorgeous American clients yesterday told me that Australia has Thanksgiving on a Wednesday. This Wednesday. TODAY! Who knew?? I had to go and Google it, because in all honesty, Thanksgiving isn't really a "thing" here.

Having said that, I do find myself today consciously making an effort to give thanks for everything I have.

As entrepreneurs (which I'm sure many of you are) our minds are always 10 steps ahead, so many ideas floating around, so many self-imposed deadlines, things to achieve, milestones to reach. It can be downright exhausting and we often give ourselves such a hard time when things don't go to plan.

I, for one, do not stop often enough to be thankful for everything I have, everything I have already achieved, for my family, for my health.

A beautiful friend of mine, same age as me (37), found out a couple of weeks ago that she has Stage 3 breast cancer. It's heart-breaking. She has 3 little girls around the same age as my kids and I have shed a tear most days over it since I heard.

What I've also done, is held my children that little bit tighter, tried to be that little bit more "present" and patient with them. Our family is such a gift and our good health is oftentimes just luck I think, and who knows how long our luck will hold out?

I had a think about what I could do this Thanksgiving to give you all a little insight into the things I am most thankful for and I decided that maybe a "behind-the-scenes" visit to my house could be fun? So this little video is a look inside my Thanksgiving. My "normal".

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with friends, family and laughter. May you not think of work (or crazy Black Friday Sales) and may you not give yourself a hard time over anything at all. šŸ’•

Come on over! x

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