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Why webinars are so 'yesterday' and 5 Day Challenges are where it's at!

by , Aug 23, 2019

Well, I for one, am converted. 

If you've had anything to do with the online marketing world in the past 5 years or so, you'll know that webinars have been all the rage, but the tide is changing and now is the perfect time to be jumping on the "5 Day Challenge" bandwaggon. 

"What's a 5 Day Challenge?" I hear you ask

5 Day Challenges are a relatively new concept, but they've been around for a couple of years now. The crux of it is offering 5 days worth of free live training over 5 days as a marketing tactic to sell your course, membership, coaching or some other product/service.

Now, why are 5 Day Challenges so darn great?

Getting participants into your 5 Day Challenge is an easy exercise. Why? Because they're packed full of value for the challenge participant AND they're FREE! 

You can either tap people on the shoulder (virtually) and invite them in if you think they'd find it handy, or you can run relatively low-cost Facebook ads that convert well, because who says "No" to free training?!

The whole idea behind a 5 Day Challenge is that over the course of 5 Days you will actually teach something to anyone participating. You make a promise about what they can expect to walk away with after 5 days and then you deliver on it.

But, there's a gap.

You teach them something concrete, absolutely, but this exposes something else, something more, something further, that your challenge participant also needs and that's where you position your paid offer. 

After 5 days of learning from you, if they come to the realization that in fact they need more and you have put in front of them a perfect solution to their newly exposed problem, why wouldn't they sign up and buy from you?

You've built a strong rapport with them over 5 solid days, they now know exactly the kind of person they'll be working with and learning from, it would be CRAZY to go and look for someone new when they've already started the journey with YOU!

So, why am I so anti-webinars?

Well, I wasn't always, but the truth of the matter is that webinars are a whole lot of work. To really put on a professional webinar you could be looking at 40+ designer slides, an hour-long discussion, and then you have to build yourself up to "the sell".

It can be pretty nervewracking when you first start, you have the fear of "tech" disasters (like the time my internet dropped out halfway in and I had to cancel the rest!) and they are super expensive to advertise.

It's not uncommon to spend $5+ on a webinar registration and then you only expect about 35% of the registrants to actually show up, which is a bit disheartening when you've got a small budget.

On the flip side, you can get people registering for your free 5 Day Challenge in under a dollar, joining your Challenge Facebook Group, and getting so swept up in the group comradery that they can't help but to join in and engage in what you're teaching.....the wonders of FOMO.

You're delivering the content LIVE in most cases and each day is usually only 15 or so minutes of tutorial that you can ad lib, with no slides to prepare (Ummmm, yes please!)

Hmmmm......so what's to putting this 5 Day Challenge together exactly?

I'm not going to lie - the first time you do one, it's pretty time intensive to get all the moving parts in order, but most of the work is done before the challenge, not during. The challenge itself is pretty much a walk in the park if you've set it up correctly.

Having said that, it's pretty easy to underestimate the set-up time and I have worked with a few clients now who have contacted me with plans to run their 5 Day Challenge in 2-3 weeks, who all ended up pushing it out by a couple of weeks to give them enough time to prepare their content and get clear on what they wanted to sell at the end of the challenge.

Ain't no point in running a 5 Day Challenge if you've got nothing to sell! Even if that's only one-on-one coaching to begin with.

My personal preference for a 5 Day Challenge set-up is Kajabi, because that's where I host my paid offers - course, memberships, coaching programs, so it makes sense to keep it all in the one place.

Within Kajabi I set up what I call a "Challenge to Course Pipeline" (or sales funnel) that I use to collect challenge registrations, automate an email sequence, and move them through to my sales page at the end of the challenge, where my preferred offers are available. 

It's a seamless process, with Kajabi managing all my contacts, emails, landing pages, checkout and then the actual course content for paying students (& by-the-way the Kajabi Summer Sale is on as I write this, but you won't find it on their website, it's hush hush 😉)

If running your own 5 Day Challenge has been on your mind for this year and you just need an excuse to get off your butt and make it happen, then why not join me for my next free training series that kicks off on July 22nd?

Over the course of the week, I will show exactly how to set-up the 5 Day Challenge Pipeline in Kajabi (step-by-step) and you can grab yourself a free 14 days of Kajabi as we start, which will be enough to get you through my free course and open your eyes to the potential of what you can be doing with 5 Day Challenges and Kajabi in your own business. 

If you'd like to join in the fun you'll find the details HERE. It won't be massive content overload, just easy actionable steps, that will have your pipeline in place by the time we're done.

Hope to see you in there!


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