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This is what we have in store for you during the week

Step-by-Step On

Deadline Funnel

Who is this training for?

  • The "I'm just getting started" course creator

    If this is the year when you transition your business online and want to get up and running quickly, this is for you.

  • The "I've been on Kajabi for ages and am not getting anywhere" course creator 

    You wouldn't believe how many people we work with who have had Kajabi for years and have never launched anything - are you one of them? If yes, this training week is definitely for you. 

  • The "I've seen all these people making a bazillion dollars - I must be doing it wrong!" course creator

    Do you suffer from "shiny object syndrome"? It's easy to get caught up doing 'all the things' but how about just a quick and clear path to getting it out there and making a return? Momentum is everything!

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Inside the Training

What to expect and how it will run


In-Depth Training

Each day for 5 days you'll receive action-packed training that needs to be completed within the week, so make sure you have some time set aside. This is some of the most detailed step-by-step free training you'll ever receive - make the most of it!


Online Community

Free training is great, but the very best bit is actually the community. You'll be invited inside our private group for networking, motivation & inspiration. And inside this group you'll be able to mingle with our special guests and join us for live Q&As.


Special Sauce

Our training weeks are a time when you'll work your butt off, but for that reason we also love to reward you with free stuff (who doesn't love free stuff?). Inside the training, you can expect games, competitions & bonus templates to get you off to a quick start!

A day-by-day look ahead


The Mini-Course Build

It's easy to feel overwhelmed if you tackle the creation of a huge signature course straight off the bat, so using Kajabi "products" we're going to dive straight into setting up your first mini-course. Today's training will also cover: dripping content, locking content and perfect product structure.

We'll also set up offers & coupon codes to match!

Core Topics: Products, Offers & Coupons


Making It Awesome! The Student Experience

Yesterday we built the basic structure of your Kajabi mini-course and today is all about "making it awesome"!

If you're an expert in your field but worry about the student experience inside your programs, join us as we dive into the wonders of Searchie and other ways you can increase student engagement and completion.

Core Topics: Searchie, Student Experience, Gamification


The Self-Liquidating Offer: Blending Urgency & Design 

The intent of our mini-course (on this occasion) is not to make us rich, but rather to cover your advertising spend and lead students into a bigger offer. Today we're going to put together the funnel you need to first give away a freebie (your lead magnet), and then upsell to your micro-offer with carefully considered design & strategy.

Core Topics: Deadline Funnel, Design, Lead Magnets

(If you're planning anything 'evergreen' in your business, you need to know about Deadline Funnel!)


All Things Strategy

Okay, you got them into your mini-course, but now what? Now you need to strategically graduate your students into your bigger program. Today our focus is strategy and Jodee Peevor from #UNLOCKED  drops by to show us a brand new tool that will revolutionise the way you use Kajabi!

Core Topics: Strategy, Custom Product Themes, Checkout Coding


Putting It All Together

If it sounds like a lot, that's because it IS a lot and Day 5 is where we put it altogether and test your funnel from beginning to end.

Will this be you at the end of the week?

Put in the effort and reap the benefits! 
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Meg Burrage,

Aussie Kajabi Addict, mum of 3, Emerald Kajabi Partner, lover of wine and cheese, and laugher at own jokes, as we build out your perfect Kajabi mini-course, ready to monetize.

I'm bringing in the big guns to make sure this is a free training week like no other.

Expect a busy week full of daily tasks. This training is not for the faint-hearted.

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5 days of incredible FREE training, with special guests & giveaways? I'm In!

And if you're NOT in, still time to reconsider 😉 See you over in the group!