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5 Day Challenge Pipeline created in Kajabi

with Meg Burrage

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5 Day Challenges are pretty popular these days, but how do you set it up in Kajabi to run seamlessly?

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What To Expect:

Daily Tutorial

Zoom Webinar

You can expect a 30 minute (entertaining) tutorial from yours truly, every day for 5 days. You should set aside 1 hour daily to listen to the tutorial and put it into practice.


Closed Facebook Group

You'll become part of a closed Facebook community along with all the other challenge participants, where you'll find support, motivation and kindred spirits.


Action Items

Sorry to say it, but yes, there's a bit of homework. Sometime what you need to do, sometimes what you need to STOP doing. I'll be asking you to submit your homework in the group.

A Day-By-Day Look Ahead:

Day 1:

Pipelines! Today we're going to look at all the various pipeline options within Kajabi and generate the preferred one for our Challenge

Day 2:

Pipeline In Depth: Today we'll look at all the elements of your pipeline in detail and set up your tags and email sequence 

Day 3:

Thank You Page: Today we look at what needs to go on your "Thank You" page

Day 4:

Recap Page: Today we add in our underutilized "Recap" page

Day 5:

MASTERCLASS: By Day 5 your 5 Day Challenge Pipeline will be fully created and it's time to do a full run through and get started on design!

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For a long time I struggled with my own bricks & mortar start-up business, BubDesk, thinking that because it was a “good idea” it was destined for success. What I failed to realise in those early days was that a good idea accounted for about 10%, while the other 90% of tasks were things I either didn't know how to do or shouldn't have been spending my time on.
$100,000 in debt, stressed to breaking point, two pregnancies lost, a toddler I hardly saw and a husband who couldn’t even recognise me, I went in search of something more for my life and my eyes were opened to the world of online course creation. 
Recognised in recent times as Entrepreneur of the Yearand Businesswoman of the Year, I started to wonder who in my networks I could help to overcome similar challenges in their businesses and realised those business owners were everywhere! The Event Planner who sometimes went a whole day without seeing her child, the Graphic Designer who hadn't been able to find time for the gym in a year, the Accountant who spent 20% of her time servicing customers and the other 80% of her time on tasks she didn't need to be doing. All burning themselves out, while trying to scale their business.
What they all had in common was an aspiration to launch their online course, but a lack of time to make it happen or they felt overwhelmed by the "tech". I decided to set about working with female entrepreneurs to help them in turning their online course aspirations into reality.

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Join ME for a HUGE WEEK of Action Taking!


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